McCall House

McCall House is a novella about a Scottish family who came to live in Texas in the late 1800’s and built a beautiful mansion that was cherished by generations. But McCall House was beset with tragedy when several family members died violent deaths. The surviving son of the family, Toby McCall, closes the house for two decades until he is approached by a business seeking to purchase the property. Events lead to a new life for McCall House and for Toby who is a famous chef. Recipes are included for many of the dishes mentioned in McCall House.


Staying Home: Real Stories From Stay At Home Moms

An anthology of stories by stay at home moms

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Southern Salad Luncheons



A collection of salad and dessert recipes from Southern cooks and ladies luncheons. Click here to get your copy.


Old Places


A book of photographs of old places around the South. Haunting and fascinating. Click here to get your copy.


Bob White and Whippoorwill


The songs of the Bobwhite quail and the nightbird whippoorwill were part of the inspiration for this book. The continuous logging of the great North American forests is a serious environmental issue and this book teaches children to know and understand how the future of our forests will affect our lives.

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Everything Pink


A children’s book: during the course of a year, a little girl named Sidney would only wear pink clothes. In fact, she likes for everything to be pink.

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