Washington DC

We have just returned from a quick trip to Washington DC where we literally crammed in visits to as many museums as possible. The favorite amongst our travelling group turned out to be the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum. We went back to it twice in two days. And of course, couldn’t even begin to cover all of the exhibits and wonderful information they have at the museum.

It was nice to see Mississippi on particular display:

Mississippi Plane

Here’s the description from the Smithsonian:

In 1935, this Curtiss Robin established a world record for sustained flight, using air-to-air refueling. After two unsucessful attempts the year before, Fred and Algene Key took Ole Miss up from Meridian, Mississippi on June 4 and did not touch the ground again until July 1, for a total time in the air of 653 hours and 34 minutes, or 27 days. During the flight, the Keys received fuel and supplies 432 times from another aircraft. They braved severe thunderstorms and an electrical fire in the cabin before returning to a safe landing in Meridian.

We saw so many wonderful planes from Howard Hughes’ to Amelia Earhart’s prize winning red plane. I hope we can go back soon and visit more of the Smithsonian museums.

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