Holt Cottage Restoration

My mother and I have long dreamed of buying local properties in need of restoration and renovation. We especially want to save some of the historic homes and buildings which are over 100 years old. Our family has lived in this town since 1837 and we love it here.

Recently we acquired Holt Cottage which is a 100 year old cottage that is in desperate need of restoration. It has sat empty for many years just down the road from our farm.


I know the picture above does not do justice to the cute cottage that will emerge once we remove the kudzu vines and peel off the more modern siding that was installed in the 1960’s or so. We have a ton of work to do!

Our plans are to renovate the cottage and have it available for nightly rentals as a furnished home. We will furnish it with antiques from our antique shop. We plan to decorate the house with art and crafts by local artists and everything in the house will be for sale to the people who stay there. It will be beautifully decorated as a country cottage with frequent changes in the furnishings and art.

We hope that by restoring and saving this cottage we can help to contribute to our local economy in the rural area where we live. The cottage sits in the country only one mile off a busy highway that connects Memphis, Tennessee all across north Mississippi and Alabama to near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our town is rich in Civil War history and located near the popular Pickwick Lake where travelers come from all over to fish and boat on the beautiful waters.

If you would like to help support our project, we have started a GoGetFunding campaign. You can Click Here to contribute and even $1 will help us out.

Holt Cottage Restoration

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