Summer Fruit

We are having a bumper crop year for fruit here on the farm. Conditions were just right this spring with the rain and temperatures so we are looking at a good harvest. The only thing that we are fighting against are birds. The birds all want our fruit just as much as we do.

Our peach trees are literally sagging under the weight of the peaches. We have had to prop up the limbs with various boards in an effort to keep the limbs from breaking.


The plum trees are loaded down with fruit starting to ripen and the bees are loving the fruit that is dropping to the ground. Even our wild plum bushes are doing great.


The pear trees are covered up with little pears. This particular tree was here when my father was a child.


And finally, the blueberries are ripening in stages. All of our blueberries don’t get ripe at the same time so we have a couple of months of blueberries as each bush ripens.


Get your own blueberry bushes:

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