Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve

We live a short drive from the Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve and I have been meaning to visit it for quite some time now. But for whatever reasons, I kept putting it off and never getting around to it. Finally, two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, I packed a backpack with lunch and bottles of water and set out to hike a portion of the preserve. I took along my daughter, my mom, and my sister. My sister brought one of her cocker spaniels along also since it is dog-friendly.

We arrived and parked next to the owner’s house on a grassy area. There is a little gazebo where you sign in and take a map. There is no charge to visit the privately-owned preserve. Then we set out on the trails. We decided to take the shorter loop trail since it was our first time there. Once we reached the overlook, we were greeted with this view:


And that just so happened to be the only picture I got of the trip! I was so busy soaking in the beauty of the surrounding woods, waterfalls, creek, and rock formations that I just put away my camera and focused on enjoying myself. Of course, I will go back again very soon, possibly tomorrow, and will take more photos so I can share them!

After we left the overlook, the trail branched into a steep decline or an easier decline. We opted for the steep trail which was a very enjoyable descent down the steep trail of a rocky cliff. At the bottom of that trail we came upon Cane Creek which is a wide shallow swiftly flowing creek with a rocky bottom. Upstream we could see a host of mossy covered rocks. We took our shoes off and waded in the cold water for awhile before we began the hike back to our car.

You can visit the Facebook page for Cane Creek Canyon Preserve at: to see photos and learn more about this unique property located in Tuscumbia, Alabama. The wildflowers are in bloom there so it is a great time for a visit.

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