We spent the weekend in Paducah, Kentucky and during the night on Saturday, the rain turned to snow.


Since it had rained all day Saturday followed by temperatures dipping way below freezing during the night, everything was coated with a covering of ice. Then the beautiful snow landed on the ice and created a winter wonderland.

When I packed for the trip I only saw rain on Saturday and cold weather on Sunday for the forecast. There was no mention of snow. So unfortunately I didn’t pack any snow boots or other snowy weather gear. We would loved to have gotten out and played in the snow while we were there but decided to avoid frostbite and just view it from the comfort of our car.

Speaking of cars, it took a long time to get into our car. The sheets of ice had frozen the doors all shut and the car was covered with about six inches of snow. We finally got most of that cleared and cranked the car to warm up for our drive home. Next time we go to Paducah, I am making sure to take some snow boots and maybe a sled or two. I don’t want to miss out on playing in the snow again!

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