Mississippi Morning Mist

This morning I stepped out onto my balcony to take a photo of the beautiful morning. There was a mist hovering just in the tops of the trees and the air felt so good. I can just start to smell a hint of autumn in the air even though the trees are still dressed in their summer greens.

morning mist

The sun wasn’t up yet past the trees so the photo looks dark. Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I can stand on the balcony and look out at the forest and anticipate the start of another wonderful day. Hopefully it will be a wonderful day!

morning donkey

Our donkey was up and loping around this morning. He hee-hawed at me when he saw me standing on the balcony. Our backyard meets the edge of his pasture which slopes sharply down to a flat area with a pond. The donkey is such a big pet. He demands attention when he spots anyone in the yard plus he actually makes a good watch-dog because he alerts us when anyone comes onto the property.

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