The days are getting noticeably shorter as summer winds down and I am perfectly ok with that. I have never liked summer. The heat. The bugs. The snakes! The constant mowing of the yard.

Autumn and winter are my times. I feel like I can breathe better with the cooler air. I have more energy and purpose. I get more things done around the house and yard without the heat dragging me down.

This morning the air was in the cool upper 50’s and I stepped out onto my balcony to capture the sunrise coming through the trees. Our neighbors clear-cut the trees off their property to the east of us so the sunrise is clearer even though I have an entire forest on my land to filter the sunlight.

Here on Dancing Rabbit Hill farm the persimmons are beginning to ripen as well as the wild muscadines. And the acorns are starting to drop off the trees so we’ll hear that sound for months as the acorns hit the tin roof on the barn and sound like a gunshot.

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