New Orleans

We went to Louisiana last week to visit one of my best friends. We hung out in her small town a couple of days then drove down to New Orleans which is a couple of hours from her house.

When I visit New Orleans, the first place I head to is the St. Louis Cathedral. It’s old-world beauty is the center for all the lovely architecture that surrounds the French Quarter. The sidewalks in front of the cathedral are typically crowded with artists and street performers but at the time of morning I snapped this photo, it was calm and almost deserted.

We ate tasty food and shopped in the Quarter which has a very good assortment of small local-owned businesses like antique stores and of course, voodoo shops and vampire stores. The only downside was the heat. I knew it would be bad because July in New Orleans is HOT and HUMID. By afternoon we sought refuge in the cool air-conditioning of the Riverside mall along with crowds of other tourists.

It was a fun day trip but I think the next time I visit will be late fall when the weather is cooler. I should be accustomed to the heat having lived in the South my entire life but it still gets to me.


  1. I know – it was a funny song to have running aruond my head – Donovan first put it out in the late 60’s I think and he has the classic version. Makes a change from politics and anything to help clear the head has to be good.

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