Ye Olde Pear Tree

Back in the spring we had a windy day that spelled doom for an old pear tree on our property. The tree sat on a hillside next to a tiny log cabin and just upwind from what used to be my grandpa’s pig pen. In fact, and this may sound gruesome, but there was a chain and pulley still attached to a limb of the pear tree that was used to hang the pigs after they were killed in the autumn each year.

It has been almost 40 years since pigs were kept on the property but no one ever removed the chain because that is where my grandpa put it half a century ago and we like to leave a few things exactly like they are.

Unfortunately, the old pear tree turned out to be mostly hollow inside which weakened it and led to its demise. It simply uprooted itself and died.

So this week my brother Tim cut up the pear tree. Then Danny and I cleared it out of the tall weeds. It was a bit of a job : it was boiling hot outside and I kept expecting to run across a snake in those high weeds and grass.  The small limbs were the hardest part because there were just so many of them that had to be picked up and carted to the burn pile.

We stacked the best of the logs for future projects and put some of the wood back to use in our bbq pit.

And we took my grandpa’s old chain and pulley to the barn for safe keeping until we decide what to do with it next. Maybe we’ll hang it in one of the newer pear trees on the property to display.

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