Smoking Bull BBQ

For my recent birthday I got a new barbecue grill. And not just a plain old grill but a fancy bull grill:

I wasn’t planning on buying a new grill just yet. But I happened to be at a store here in town when a truck pulled in with a trailer load of these grills. I really liked the looks of the grills and got the guy’s business card. He wasn’t from around here but had come to town for the holiday weekend to sell his load of bull grills.

I drove back home, put my groceries away and thought about those grills for the next hour. I finally decided to just get one since it was my birthday week. So I called the guy back and he had already sold most of them. I told him that I wanted to buy two of the grills, one for myself and one to take home to Mississippi. He delivered them right to my door and unloaded the grills (each one weighs 200+ pounds.)

My new grill has been the talk of the neighborhood here. I have had multiple people stop by each day asking where I got such a unique grill. The grills are made nearby in Mexico. I would surely have gotten a better deal if I had driven over the border myself and purchased one. But I’m staying safely on this side of the border because the Brownsville/Matamoros border does not seem at all safe.

I already used the grill to make chicken, burgers, grilled corn on the cob, and I even grilled sliced of sweet potatoes. I never used to grill but the past few years have seen me making a big effort to learn the art of grilling. The next thing I plan to grill will be some fresh Gulf shrimp that we can buy just down the street that is literally minutes off the boat.

And when the grill is fired up and smoking you get to see this:

Isn’t that the coolest? The smoke comes out the nostrils of the bull. They even installed a handy bottle opener right there on the snout.



  1. Kimberli Borelli says:

    I’d love to get one!!! Do you have a website please??

    • I don’t sell these grills myself. I bought it in Port Isabel, Texas. I was told that some of the flea markets in that area sell them also.

      • Anonymous says:

        I just purchased one of these bad boys myself. Found it at a store called Hoke Goods in Las Vegas. Can’t wait to use this guy and get some smoke rolling out of his nostrils. My question to you is did you have to install a vent on the underside of is there one there already to do any grilling? As it stands the thing is a smoker, not a grill. Just curious if you have a vent (on the underside) or does it grill nicely without one? Please let me know. Thanks a million and enjoy your grill.

  2. richard says:

    Hi, I saw one last weekend. How has it been holding up ? Can you give e the guy’s name, as I’d like to get one.

  3. Louis Bufalo says:

    How much do these smoker/grill cost anyone have a website?

  4. where are thoes bulls made and what do they cost

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