Wild Plums

Our farm has wild plum trees growing in several places. One spot in particular we have allowed the wild plum trees to really spread out. And believe me, they spread very quickly from year to year.

As a children growing up on our farm, my cousins and I would look forward to the wild plums ripening and spend a great deal of time searching for the plums in the thickets that grew between the gardens. The gardens were planted in terraces since it is hilly and the edges of the terraces were covered with wild plum thickets.

This year we have a bumper crop of wild plums. I have never seen the trees produce as many as they have this year. The branches are loaded down with plums and they are delicious.

Last week we were at our home in Mississippi while the plums were ripe and I went out to pick the plums every day. I stood at the trees and ate the plums as I picked them. Just like we did as children. My brother, on the other hand, picked pails full of plums and made jelly which turned out to be delicious.


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