Verismo by Starbucks

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Starbucks. I love their latte and could drink it every day. But I have never lived within easy driving distance of a Starbucks. Right now is the closest I have ever lived which is 18 miles from a Starbucks.

So I’ve contented myself with making my coffee at home. Sometimes I brew Starbucks coffee but most often I brew Dallmayr Prodomo, a German coffee. I have reserved the Starbucks for when I can visit a Starbucks location and let the professionals there brew me a latte.

But when we were making the long and arduous journey back from Mississippi to far south Texas after our Thanksgiving break, we were stuck in traffic in Baton Rouge for hours. Part of that was because we decided to detour into New Orleans and grab lunch at a favorite spot there. That put us coming into Baton Rouge from a different direction and landed us in the worst traffic jam. When we finally got to a good exit, we took the college exit near LSU and went into a Starbucks.

While we were waiting for our drinks, Danny and I looked at the Verismo coffee maker that was on special sale. Now, I had looked vaguely at other coffee makers like the Keurig but never got one because I am rather old-school about brewing coffee and I mostly brew it in a coffee pot on the stove. But something about the Verismo appealed to me. So we got one.

And it fits perfectly in our compact kitchen of our camper trailer! So we’ve embarked on a major coffee-drinking binge for a couple of months now. Simply because it is so easy to drop a coffee pod into the machine and press a button.

My only complaint is the high cost for the pods. It is significantly more expensive than the regular ground coffee per serving. But, we are paying for convenience so, it is worth it. The coffee pods are only available so far at Starbucks stores and on-line at but I bet they will be in grocery stores soon.

So if you are looking at the pod coffee makers, I can highly recommend the Verismo. Especially if you love Starbucks coffee.


FCC note: this product was not provided for review by Starbucks or any other business. This is an independent review only.

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