Stream of Consciousness Sunday

I am participating with Mom to the Screaming Masses in a Sunday Stream of Consciousness blog post. Basically, you set a timer for 5 minutes and just write. Don’t edit.


My Stream of Consciousness

I am spending a couple of weeks at my place in Mississippi. Because of the internet problems I am having while staying on the farm in the country I have been driving into town to the local Subway restaurant to use their wifi. This afternoon I was waiting in line to place my order for a sandwich. In front of me in line were several high school age kids.

One of the high school boys placed his order for his sandwich. Then he turned and was looking out the window while talking to his friend. He spotted someone he knew in the parking lot and said a few bad things about the guy. He ended by saying,” I’d like to kick his ass.” The Subway employee behind the counter immediately said,”Watch ye mouth. What do you want on your sandwich?”

The boy immediately apologized by saying “sorry ma’am” and then told her what he wanted on his sandwich.

I found it funny how she said “ye” instead of “you”. But I immediately recognized the politeness of the young man. You find that so often in southern-raised youngsters. They simply have a politeness bred/taught to them that sticks with them. And despite the fact that they slip sometimes with their language and manners, they most often will use the ma’am and sir to address those older than themselves.


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